The Atlas of Beauty, le projet photo qui rend hommage à la beauté de femmes photographiées à travers le monde.

L’histoire de The Atlas of Beauty commence il y a maintenant 4 ans. Pendant pratiquement 4 ans, Mihaela Noroc parcours le monde afin de rencontrer et de photographier des femmes du monde entier. Photographe roumaine, elle décide au cours de ses voyages de ramener un souvenir photographique des différents pays qu’elle visite. Ayant voyagé à travers 37 pays, Mihaela a eu l’occasion de faire le portrait de ces femmes dans leur environnement.

My first days in India, with The Atlas Of Beauty. It's gonna be a colourful journey.

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Une aventure qu’elle résume dans son livre portant le même nom, L’Atlas de la beauté, sorti en septembre dernier. 500 portraits sont ainsi présentés dans ce livre photo avec plus de la moitié des photographies inédites, n’ayant jamais été publiée sur Internet.

Une critique peut cependant être fait à ces portraits qui représentent essentiellement des femmes dont la beauté correspond aux codes occidentaux. Les clichés quant à eux restent tout de même très beaux.

I met them in New York, in February. Abby and Angela are sisters born to an Ethiopian mother and a Nigerian father. Both parents worked for the United Nations so the sisters grew up in six different countries, on three different continents. This gave them a broad perspective and allowed them to see where need was the greatest. After graduation, they both plan to move to Africa and put their knowledge in the service of that amazing continent. Their enthusiasm is inspiring, and Angela’s words express that perfectly. “Among my peers in my age group, I want to start a movement of coming back to the continent. I want to shine a light on the potential of my people, and I want to lift the entire region out of the health confict it is in, putting power in the brilliant youth, using local talent, and customizing policies that work in the African setting rather than transposing Western policies.” #TheAtlasOfBeauty #NewYork #AroundTheWorld #Africa #Sisters

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Magda is from Bucharest, Romania, where I photographed her one month ago. In 2005 she experienced a terrible car accident, as a passenger. In most parts of the world, people in wheelchairs are condemned to isolation by authorities. While traveling around the planet I visited tens of countries where you don’t see them at all, in public areas. Why? Because in all those places, leaving your home in a wheelchair is almost an impossible mission due to that lack of infrastructure. But Magda wants to change the way people in wheelchairs are treated, at least in her country, through some amazing initiatives. Since a few years ago she regularly organises an event dedicated to beauty where the protagonists are women in wheelchairs. Her goal is to show that they are all talented, capable and beautiful. Through this initiative, Magda changed many lives, giving more confidence to many wonderful women. In the meantime some of them started families and became mothers. Magda is also the mother of a six-year-old daughter. I feel privileged when I meet people like her. Through their passion, strength and generosity they make the world a better place. #TheAtlasOfBeauty #AroundTheWorld

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Koleka is a performance poet from South Africa. She was born in a family of 8 siblings in Port Elizabeth and now lives in Cape Town where I met her 5 months ago. In a time when the success is mostly synonym with lots of money or huge popularity, it's great to see that there are still so many wonderful people around the world that dedicate their life to art, although their path is full of struggles and challenges. Besides the time when she recites her poems on a stage, some of the happiest moments in Koleka's life are her birthdays. She thinks we should appreciate each year of our lives because getting older is a privilege, not something to take for granted. An article about my stay in Cape Town in the link from bio. #TheAtlasOfBeauty #AroundTheWorld #SouthAfrica

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