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Queens of Modern Times
Reines des Temps Modernes | Le Beau-Livre
Queens of Modern Times
Queens of Modern Times
Discover the Coffee Table Book Queens Of Modern Times, reviving 10 african and afro descant heroines through current women. More than a simple book, #QMT is a collection about self-acceptance, or in simple words the celebration of black beauties, but also the celebration of the heart and the soul.

Thanks to your support, we have launched the first production of the Coffee Table Books : Queens Of Modern Times. 100 books have been produced and sold. A wonderful way to start this new year.
So here we go again for a new pre-orders campaign. The goal is the same : 50 pre-orders minimum are necessary to launch a new production. For those wondering, what is pre-order, you’ll find the answer in this video. (Subtitles available)

Queens of Modern Times | Wendie ZAHIBO

“An Afro Caribbean woman of the world” that is how Wendie ZAHIBO, a 24-years-old author, describes herself.

Wendie ZAHIBO was born in Marseille (South of France). If her dad is from Ivory Coast and her mom from Central Africa, Wendie grew up in Guadeloupe (French West Indies). After being graduated from a business school between Bordeaux, Chicago and LA, it was during her last trip that she realized what writing means to her: a way to pass down, to let people know, to create links, a way to pay attention to the unknown voices. That’s the mission she has given itself through her Coffee Table Book Queens Of Modern Times.

In this digital age and the dematerialization of books, we want to make this Coffee Table Book Queens Of Modern Times an exceptional work, a beautiful object, a piece of art that you take the time to read, to touch and to watch. An experience both visual, tactile, poetic and linguistic that you can offer to other or to yourself. To do this, we choose to work with a team of professional and artisans who love book, paper, images and materials. A team of experts who made of Queens Of Modern Times, a unique object.

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